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Quartz var. Smoky Quartz with Garnet var. Spessartine and Orthoclase


Specimen # 322516

Specimen Locality: Wushan Spessartine Mine, Tongbei, Yunxiao County, Zhangzhou Prefecture, Fujian Province, China

Mineral Description: Very aesthetic combination specimen composed of dark, lustrous, smoky quartz crystals to 5.0 cm in length nicely arranged on a blocky white orthoclase crystal matrix. There is also a sprinkling of gemmy, orange-red colored, spessartine garnet crystals, measuring to 5 mm across, throughout the specimen. Great color contrast. A quartz crystal on the far left is cleaved at the base but does not detract; otherwise, no damage. Height: 12 Width: 7.4 Depth: 6.9 cm


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