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Cavansite with Calcite on Stilbite


Specimen # 322525

Specimen Locality: Wagholi Quarry, Pune District, Maharashtra, India

Mineral Description: Lovely specimen comprised of sparkling, translucent, tan-colored stilbite crystals covering one side of a basalt matrix. Perched on the stilbites is a rosette of bright, sparkling, translucent, rich blue cavansite crystals measuring 1.3 cm across. There are also tiny, colorless, rhombic calcite crystals liberally sprinkled over the cavansite and stilbite. Very aesthetic. No damage. Cavansite is a rare calcium vanadium silicate and was only discovered within the last 50 years. By far the best specimens come from the famous zeolite quarries in India. Height: 3.2 Width: 3.1 Depth: 2.4 cm


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