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Calcite replacing Busycon (Whelk) shell

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Specimen # TS0035

Specimen Locality: Rucks Pit, Okeechobee County, Florida

Mineral Description: While many are familiar with the Mercenaria shells from this locality, there were a much more rare specimen found (about one in 1000). This is one of them. It is a whelk shell (Busycon sp.) which was buried in a coquina matrix and then filled about halfway with sediment, leaving a void at the top of the shell (which laid on its side). The void spaces filled with golden calcite precipitating as groundwater dissolved shells above it. The calcites are both phosphorescent (glows for a second or so after being fluoresced) and fluorescent under UV light. A superb collector item recently de-accessed from my collection. Height: 11 Width: 6.5 Depth: 5 cm


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