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Calcite in Mercenaria Sp. (Fluorescent)


Specimen # TS0014

Specimen Locality: Sham Rock (Ruck’s) Pit, Okeechobee, County, Florida

Mineral Description: This is one of the best specimens from Rucks Pit i have. It is a superb example of a clam shell (Mercenaria sp.) with Calcite that was buried in coquina and sand. The clam shell was originally complete, allowing a void to be preserved inside of it. The void space filled with golden calcite precipitating as groundwater dissolved shells above it. The calcites are both phosphorescent (glows for a second or so after being fluoresced) and fluorescent uncer UV light. A superb collector item recently de-accessed from my collection. Height: 10.7 Width: 8 Depth: 4.8 cm


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